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Jlima Weddings
Jlima Weddings
Jlima Weddings
Jlima Weddings

Accessive Couture

   My schooling started at home; I was raised in design. My father was a tailor who knew very well about different Italian styles and cuts,

creating his own designs from his Atelier. My mother executed with the same precision and measurements. 

When I was still very young, I created beadwork for their Couture dresses. 

   Weddings? I have always loved weddings, starting with helping in various ceremonies for my family and my community in Brazil.

When my family and I moved to New York in 1994, I started working in events, parties and weddings, and was amazed and fell in love with all that I had seen.
From there, I began to specialize in my childhood passion.

   We believe brides are not "trends" but are instead exclusivity, We will help you choose all the personal details and custom touches.

Your dream wedding, Our personal touch! JLima

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